The platform is addressed to Municipalities and Local Communities. The major aim is the development of a community of maintenance and extension (community building) by the citizens themselves.
The technology used allows the easy and direct expansion of the net towards any direction with the simple placement and power point provision of a junction in short distance with the net. The cost of each junction is particularly low, very easy to set up, with no need for any adjustment.
The development of the network, through the participation of citizens, in its operation and expansion can contribute to enhancing local entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs can leverage and expand the  “Social WiFi” technology locally and create new innovation and technology businesses, which will lead to new jobs and growth of the local economy.
Additional functions - services:
  • Crowdsourcing functions
  • Development of a Wi-Fi community for its maintenance and expansion
  • Micro-site support and social media campaign
The net makes use of mesh technology, which combines low cost set up and function with the possibility to expand the net quickly and instantly with no further settings.