E-services is a digital platform through which citizens can submit requests remotely for certifications or other services of the Municipality, following required methodologies and submitting the necessary supporting documents. As authentication is provided through TaxisNET, digital requests can be delivered through citizens' profiles.
Special features:
  • Adaptation of thematic units and categories for request submission based on the needs of the Municipality
  • Modeling the procedures with necessary supporting documents for issuance of certificates
  • Interconnection with TaxisNET, eIDAS and other future authentication systems (e.g. with Banks) for remote personalized services, without physical presence. (If access is provided by the municipality)
  • Statistics presentation of procedures and requests download in pdf or to search the certificate at any time
  • GTPR configuration of the platform and interface via APIs for real-time service download 
Requests examples that can be digitally submitted (except from problems in infrastructure, roads, etc.). The options will be activated depending on the organisation readiness or needs of the service:
  • Certifications Registry
  • Environment
  • Public Municipality Shelter
  • Financial Services
  • Water Supply - Sewerage - Irrigation Requests
  • Infrastructure
  • General application