The platform Projects@map is a contemporary geographical information system for the efficient handling and depiction of the actions taking place in a Municipality.

In the digital platform there can be illustrated with geographical - informational report, all the technical projects (e.g. projects of overall reconstruction, road construction, pavement construction, greenery, school buildings, drainage, electricity, monuments, research for buildings  positioning, seasonal projects) and the actions of the Municipality (social, financial, educational, tourist, business oriented) along with progress data.

On the one hand, the system consists of the external (G-External) depiction for the public with the disposal of the projects details picked by the members of the city and the internal (G-Internal) for internal usage respectively on the other.

The platform provides data of the projects and actions as well as notifications concerning the projects carried out or designed in their region or elsewhere, with the potential of rating and commenting. All facts and figures are picked by the ones interested in the project.

There is also the capability to monitor the progress of selected projects (through the list “my favourite works”) and be kept updated with the functionality of geo-alerting for any new project in their region.