The main goal of this e-portal is providing complete information to citizens and visitors, concerning every issue. Τhose issues may vary from direct usefulness matters to frequently asked questions and interesting facts about the city , the Municipality or the Region. 

The platform is implemented in modern, open sourced Content Management System, in order to enable such features as scalability and independency from providers.

6 Principles:
  1. User friendly navigation, search and taxonomy system
  2. Scalability: ability of dynamic satisfaction of multiple requirements, without interrupting the normal flow of system’s functionality 
  3. Security: protection services from errors, viruses, access and unproved information share
  4. Fast and overall data presentation 
  5. User’s recognition and secure interaction among the context and platform’s services
  6. Integrated e-government and participation services

This service includes cloud e-government applications in a consistent environment, which reassures transparency, citizen care and new business plans promotion.