Crowd Procurement platform constitutes a really useful tool for the proper organization and automation of the provisions department of the institution. It offers the most effective provisions implementation through the online market investigation, as well as the ability to publicize the budget of the organization in real time. 

The simplification of the procedures is achieved through the interoperability with third systems of public administration such as the program “ΔΙΑΥΓΕΙΑ” and “ΚΗΜΔΗΣ”,  the central register of public contracts.

5 Features - Functions:
  1. Provisions and public tenders management with surveillance of all the stages of implementation
  2. Archives keeping of the decisions of the Mayor, the City Council and Financial Committee.
  3. Development of an archive with primary requests.
  4. Archives keeping of the necessity and intention of the projects/services/supplies.
  5. Archives keeping of evaluation practices - evaluation on the contestants offers. 

Both versatility and ease of configuration stand for the innovation of the platform, depending on the size and the needs of the organizations.