City Labs service is a modern facility to enhance local development. It is about open workshops that are digital and physical in nature, networking cities promoting creative and innovative solutions to drive action. A key objective of City Labs is to promote local growth. Through sustainable development at a local level, the service supports, in essence, the productive economy and national progress.  These labs contribute to the local development as follows:
  • They bring out good practices and network citizens
  • They provide digital tool for the participation of citizens in planning and decision making
  • They provide know-how to local communities from innovative case studies
  • They reinforce activities of open innovation and social entrepreneurship
Open Labs cover the issues below:
  • Presentation of participatory and open governance solutions
  • Discussion and presentation of good practice actions to tackle local problems
  • New technologies that promote innovation and active participation
  • European policies and tools to promote “smart cities”
  • Specific issues related to local economy (eg innovation, tourism, agricultural production)
Participants have the chance to exchange views and experiences. These are based on the creative combination of the advantages and features of each area with new technologies and international good practices.